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In doing research for my book, Millennials Matter, and for a Forbes article, Five Things Your Millennial Leader Needs From You, I gained important insights about the unique leadership coaching needs of this talented generation. Interestingly, it became a talking point during my conversation with Tony, the president of an engineering company. Tony was extremely enthusiastic when we talked about the red-hot markets they were pursuing. However, when we switched gears and started discussing sales execution, his countenance cooled.

“When your Millennial team stays in a place of high energy all day, they become impactful leaders.” – Danita Bye

“Imagine if every moment of our workday was filled with stuff we love to do, where we’re super jazzed, always operating in our sweet spot? We could claim ultra-productive, never-stressful days! How can I be jazzed 24/7?” These words came from one of the young up-and-coming entrepreneurs during a discussion on leveraging our strengths to grow our businesses.  We all laughed, and nodded in agreement. However, we all know this is not always possible. How are you coaching your leadership team to pay attention to what jazzes them?

“Ramp up your efforts to mentor Millennials for leadership roles in your business.” – Danita Bye

  Charlie is the President of a technology company and Millennials make up 35% of his current workforce.  After completing the Millennial Survey, he sent me a very encouraging message as it aligns 100% with my Next-Gen leadership development recommendations. Charlie is purposefully proactive in developing the leadership qualities of his up-and-coming team, so that they will help build his company.  Why is this so important? Researchers project that nearly 80 percent of current business leaders and CEOs will retire within the next ten years.[1]  Each one will take with them decades of experience and wisdom. What is your transition strategy to ensure your company will continue to reap the rewards of the blood and sweat you’ve invested over the years? [1] It's Time To Retire Retirement



Minn., MN- In a market where experienced leaders are rapidly retiring, author Danita Bye shares a solution for the business world in Millennials Matter (BroadStreet Publishing, December 2017). The answer? Prepare the next generation! Business leaders have a deep concern when they see how few millennials have the leadership and sales acumen to fuel their business growth or transition. In fact, in the Millennials Matter survey, 60% of CEOs and presidents’ responses indicate they have deep concerns with how to work with this generation. Bye is an experienced business leader drawing on practical insights. She loves and understands millennials and believes they could be the new “greatest generation.” Join her passionate journey and discover how to help young leaders get leadership traction and how to be a better manager.

“Your sales coaching will help the next generation to become assets to your business.” - Danita Bye
  How are you tapping into the brilliance of your up-and-coming Millennial sales leader to boost your sales growth?  Or, are you leaving them feeling unsettled and unsure of their next step up the sales leadership ladder? Starting in the early 2020s, Millennials are going to drive our economy, and they will continue to do so for thirty years. Since that is the case, the Millennial you are coaching and mentoring right now will be a key asset to the continual growth of your business. How might you empower your up-and-coming sales leader as the competitive edge for your business?
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